Software Testing Training Program

You will help deliver Quality Products – Web, Mobile and Cloud Applications !!!

You will save $$$ For Organizations !!!

You will help identifying and managing RISK Using Technology !!!

You will continuously learn new technologies and break the systems to build better solutions !!!

At the end of the day, We All Give Very High Importance to the term QUALITY in our lives..

Sounds Interesting and intriguing so far? Do you want to be that person in that job?

Come Down, Learn Software Testing and Build a Career Out Of It….

Come Join Us, We will train, mentor and help you land a job in Software Testing A.K.A Software Quality Assurance for FREE!!!

Hard To Believe? Read On…

Software Testing Training Program
Pathway To Landing A Job in Software Testing
Training Program Rigor
Training Program Structure
Your First Project – Professional Experience
Free Job Placement
Eligibility Criteria & Selection Process
What’s In It For Me

Software Testing Training Program:

Our Software Testing Training Program will help you with the required technical skills so that you can venture into the field of software testing and Information Technology.

Once you complete our training program, we will help you get a job either with one of our clients or in-house projects that will enable you to put your knowledge to practice and help find defects in the software you are testing and as a result, a more secure, reliable and working software is delivered for an awesome end user experience.

Pathway To Landing A Job in Software Testing:

As a trainee, you will spend your time learning and putting the knowledge you gained to practice in a team atmosphere. During the training we will guide you through the process, help you understand and implement the concepts and technologies. We will train and carry out practice exercises so that you get first hand experience of:

– Thinking out-of-the-box / What If scenarios….
– Intellectual Curiosity / Understand The System and Changes To The Existing System – System Evolution
– Communication – Communication is the key to success
– Attitude – Believe in yourself and add value
– Leadership – Stay ahead of the game and Help Lead The Way

Training Program Rigor:

We ask you to be laser focussed for the the Next Few Weeks because we believe our team effort Will Change Your Life once for all. We want the trainees to come into the program knowing that they have to put in lot of hours/effort to understand, learn, practice and finally come out as Professionals who can add value from day one on their projects.

To do so, we want 100% commitment to the training program and it’s deliverables as highlighted below. We take this very seriously and non-compliant students will be asked to leave the program. We can always invite you to rejoin the program when you are ready to commit to the training program.

Training Program Structure and Topics:

WEEK 1 – Part-Time 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
-What is Software Testing?
-How Software is Built?
-What Does “Coding” Mean?
-How Important is Coding being a Software Test Engineer
-Operating Systems – DOS & UNIX
-Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC)
-Role Of QA/Software Tester in SDLC

WEEK 2 – Full-Time 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
-Software Testing Concepts
-Software Testing Methodologies
-Test Planning and Artifacts
-Test Management
-Test Automation

WEEK 3 – Full-Time 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Test Management Tools:
-HP ALM for Test Management
-Open Source Test Automation Tool – Selenium

WEEK 4 – Part-Time 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Work Etiquette and Interview Preparation:
-Art of Writing e-mails
-Attending Conference Calls
-Setting Up Meetings – Parties Involved
-Asking For Someone’s Time @ work
-Adding Value by your inputs
-Personal Phone Calls / IMs / Apps
-Dress Code

Interview Preparation:
-Resume Preparation
-Online Professional Presence

Your First Project – Professional Experience:

Our Sales and Marketing Team will try to get you into an unpaid 4 Week Professional Experience program wherein you will be exposed to real-time client
projects and will be part of their IT Team and help them with testing their software and or applications.

This will be purely a program that will help you work on real-time projects and gain the exposure and experience you need to crack on…
We offer the service to the clients free of cost which will give them an opportunity to work with you and see how well you fit into their teams.
At the end of the 4th week, Client has an option to hire you as an on-shore tester via Brainbeat, INC. being your full time employer.
Client has full access to you as any of their team members and you will be either working from our Onshore Development Center or at the client’s work location.

Free Job Placement:

After the 4 Weeks Professional Experience, either you will continue working for the same client or a different one depending on the number of offers at hand.
We will help you decide what’s best for you with an open mind. If there are no offers at that time then we aggressively market your profile in the job
marketplace to find you a suitable job.

Inventory and Costs:
-The training program is free for the Trainee’s. All we ask is 100% commitment during and after the training program so that we can work with you to
get you a job

-We recommend having your own laptop. A windows or Mac machine will do. If you don’t have one, we can lend one to work in our lab.

Eligibility Criteria:

-18 years or older and Legally authorized to work in U.S
-Can communicate well in English – Read, Write and Speak
-Have a high school Diploma or Equivalent and or enrolled in a local community college / Online University
-Must Attend all the classes without fail. We Have Zero Tolerance for missing classes without prior approval.
-Passionate about building your career in the field of Information Technology – Open To Learn New Technologies

Selection Process:

Step 1. Complete the online application to start with
We ask for basic information about you so that we can assess your skill-set before taking our assessment test

Step 2. Assessment Test
The test is geared towards assessing your Logical Thinking, Analytical Skills, thinking out-of-the-box, Attitude/Citizenship/Leadership
Test is totally non-technical in nature

Step 3. Final Interview and Presentation
You will be interviewed one-on-one in private.
& Will be asked to do a 5 minutes presentation on a topic of your choice and or interest

Step 4. Acceptance and or Rejection
On the same day of Presentation, we will confirm the final list of selected candidates for Training to start Dec 01 2015

What’s In It For Me:

What Kind Of Job Will I Get?
You will be working as a Software Tester / Software Test Engineer / Manual Tester full-time with Brainbeat, INC. We will place you with our partner companies
and or on clients projects.

What Kind Of Salary Can I Expect?
You will be paid $15/hour(Approx. – 30,000+ annually)as a full-time hourly employee of Brainbeat for the first two years.
After the first 2 years, you will be paid $20/hr(Approx.- 40,000+) or higher depending upon your skill-set and market conditions.

Tuition Fee? Are there any hidden fees? What is the Catch?
Training Program is free for the selected candidates. Brainbeat believes in helping students to be self sufficient and invest their time in gaining
meaningful experience in the field of Information Technology and build their career while they are still in the process of getting their degree’s
from the community colleges or Universities.

We want to help students by giving them free training so that they don’t have to worry about paying another tuition bill.
That is why we offer free training program.

All we ask from the candidates signing-up and attending the free training program is to give us a 2 year commitment to work for us
after successful completion of the training. We place you with our partner companies or clients in the job marketplace.

What If I Leave Brainbeat, INC. before the 2 year period or during the training? Are there any fines?
We believe in helping people and improving their lives. We will not stop you if you choose to leave us.
There are no strings attached and you are free to pursue your goals if you believe in something else.
There are no fines. We wish you all the best and help you in any possible way so that you can achieve your goals!!!!

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