Dedicated Teams

Continuous Engagement + Successful Practices = Nurtured Relationship

Brainbeat judges its ultimate value by how many clients return for future work. Our dedicated teams demonstrate an engagement model that leverages our transparent approach, team experience, and proven track record to attract, engage, and keep loyal customers.

Successful Practices

• We align our practices to support strong relationships
• All hardware, software licensing, and infrastructure is already in place
• Team members are dedicated to your project to be part of your team
and dig deeper to learn your business
• We promote high-quality communication and collaboration between
the dedicated team and your location using IM, Voice, Email, Webex, and Video
• A dedicated U.S.-based delivery manager is assigned to you

Realize the team with successful methodology
Brainbeat uses a four-phase approach to support our dedicated teams.
These phases recognize and adapt to the realities of each client and each organization.

Four-Phase Approach:

1. Analysis & Planning Phase | Create a plan for how team will be started | 1-2 weeks
2. Initiation & Transition | Start-Up on-shoring team and begin shippable products as per client needs | 1-2 weeks
3. Optimal Operation | Achieve full productivity and desired quality on tasks as per client expectations | months to years
4. Completion | Complete the project | 1-2 weeks

Analysis & Planning:

In this initial phase, Brainbeat and the client gain a mutual understanding of the goals, organization, processes, and environment related to the team. A plan is then developed to initiate the dedicated team which is made fully operational.

The end of this first phase produces an Initiation and Transition Plan. It defines the initial scope of work and guides the process for building out the team. At their option, some clients visit the Stamford Development center at the end of this phase to complete final due diligence on Brainbeat capabilities. This visit can also be a spring board into the Initiation phase.

Initiation & Transition:

The core of the dedicated team is identified. It begins to work productively in alignment with the client’s methods and expectations. The goal is for the team to quickly begin producing tangible results even as it scales the learning curve to a fully operational state.

The duration required in this phase depends on several factors:

• How fully the dedicated team is supported within the client’s organization
• How complex the tasks are that the team must perform
• How much knowledge is already externalized from the client’s organization
• How mature the in-place project management/control and quality assurance mechanisms are


This represents the ongoing state as the team functions productively and in alignment with the client’s goals. Team building and ongoing process improvement are critical requirements to gain long-term efficiencies.


Engagement reaches a logical conclusion as the team completes tasks, returns client-owned tools and IP, and disables remote access. Our ever-present goal is to finish our responsibilities with the success and engagement that urges clients back.

In a nutshell: Better Brains. Better results.

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