Our Engagement Models

IT Management Consulting:

Customers often use Brainbeat Management Consultants for advice or to provide project and program management leadership.

BrainBeat can help fill a functional/technical role within your organization. Clients take advantage of BrainBeat’s exceptional talent, reliable individuals to bring in the right resource at just the right time. Typically, we send 2 to 3 resources on such engagements to the client location depending on the program/project size and client requirements.

Dedicated Teams:

Customers with a steady pipeline of project work engage BrainBeat as a stable source to save. These customers benefit from BrainBeat’s ability to establish and manage global projects. We produce high quality at low risk using our integrated and centralized infrastructure and resource management which operates from BrainBeat’s Headquarters located in Stamford Downtown, Connecticut.

Project Delivery:

When our clients want a technology solution, we respond to a specific scope of work. In this project approach, clients benefit from our capacity to deliver high quality solution. On time and on budget.

Whatever the form of our services are, we tailor our teams to our client’s needs, establish a structure for overall governance, and provide ongoing IT service delivery management to ensure our team’s performance is high and is in alignment with the customer’s business needs.

Individual customers often migrate among one of these engagement models to match their unique circumstances and requirements. Over the course, BrainBeat knows how to manage these evolutions. We transform our service delivery teams to reflect just what the client needs.

BrainbeatOur Engagement Models