OnShore Outsourcing

Helping Our Clients

The basic idea is to help our clients by providing quality Onshore IT solutions from our Stamford, CT headquarters at a very competitive rate that will not only improve the US economy but also help our clients in many ways. We offer resources in the space of Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Quality Assurance and Testing, Engineering & Production Support and Success Factors Implementation.

  1. Our clients have direct access to the BrainBeat Onshore staff during their normal business hours there by reducing and eliminating stress on our client employees
  2. No Language barrier
  3. Increase in overall quality and productivity due to continuous engagement and less rework
  4. Increased Security with our client applications, Intellectual Property and associated data
  5. Dedicated and experienced resources due to less turnover – Resources have the commitment with BrainBeat as we support our staff in building their careers
  6. Overall sense of community building, investing in US, improving US economyand unemployment rate by on-shoring to BrainBeat

We deliver On-shoring solutions tailored as per the client needs:

• Management Consulting assignments in project leadership or filling technical gaps with resource/skill set as per client needs
• Dedicated Team of Resources when clients have a pipeline of work streams and need to maintain resources that have gained the skills required by a specific project needs
• Project Delivery when our clients want a technology solution to be delivered and don’t have the required resource level, skill set or the technical expertise within their organization

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