Transparent Procedures

Transparency Leads To Creating and Enhancing Trust – The Foundation for Long-Term Productivity

Coherent Solutions encourage client-vendor interaction, direct communication, open processes and integrated teamwork because it works! We don’t funnel information through a gatekeeper. Instead, we dedicate a delivery manager who skillfully aligns the client and Coherent teams to productively move forward. We promote delivery, not deflection.
• BrainBeat dedicated delivery onsite management
• Quick startup and more responsive
• Efficient communication enables visibility and a sense of control for all the stakeholders
• Helps project execution within complex environments
• Last but not the least, the model supports our continuous efforts in “Delivering More Value” to our clients

The Idea of being Co-located

Transparency in relationships, supports the trust-building, real-time efforts of a healthy team. This is the DNA of BrainBeat. We maintain a co-locational sense by promoting direct relationships that:

• Assign specific individuals who perform the work (no blind developers, Technical or management teams)
• Hold individuals directly accountable for better results
• Mitigate risk
• Enhance predictability and project quality
• Transparency in relationships puts the customer and our own individuals into the team. Which Is more rewarding and moral-building for both!

Dedicated Delivery Managers

Every customer is assigned a dedicated Delivery Manager who facilitates the development team to ensure high quality service delivery. These individuals are productivity resources, not simply relay translators. Our Delivery Managers are:

• Experienced consulting professional
• Technical and project management backgrounds
• Strong relationships with teams
• Highly competent in transferring information, efficiencies, changing dynamics

BrainbeatTransparent Procedures